Welcome! My name is Victoria and I am the creator of Pangari Jewelry. Pangari, in aboriginal, means "for the soul" and was created from a place of deep love and inspiration.
Each piece is made with the loving intention to support you energetically in your journey. A  talisman that anchors you into your intentions and works as a physical reminder of your goals each day. The gemstones are picked for their beauty and metaphysical healing properties and combined to create a piece that brings power and beauty to your intentions.
All gemstones are given a salt bath and saged to cleanse the energies. They are then sprayed with rosewater, reiki charged and given a  blessing. When the design is complete I do a sound activation with a quartz crystal bowl and an om frequency tuning fork (136.1hz).

To charge your new mala with your energy and intention keep it on or with you for 40 days.

Love + Blessings,