Courage + Calm +Truth
Called the Stone of Courage and the Stone of Truth, Amazonite empowers one to search the self and discover one’s own truths and integrity moving beyond a fear of judgment or confrontation with others. It provides the freedom to express one’s thoughts and feelings and to set strong and clear boundaries.
As a metaphysical healer, Amazonite soothes the chakras and aligns the physical body to the etheric. it aids in the alleviation of anxiety and fears. It is particularly rejuvenating to the Heart and Throat Chakras, enhancing loving communication on all levels.
Chakra: Heart, Throat


Self-confidence + Self-acceptance + Positive energy

Stimulates analytical capabilities, provides perceptiveness to situations and awakens ones inherent talents. 

Chakra: Brow








Peace + Stability

An energy balancing stone amethyst raises your vibration promoting feelings of stability, strength, and deep peace. When used during meditation it opens and activates the crown chakra.

Chakra: Crown









Strength + Courage

Basalt is a stone of strength and courage, it allows one the opportunity for stability throughout changes in their life. If you are going through a lot of shifts in your life then basalt would be a helpful stone for you. Basalt helps to diminish the negative aspects of one’s character and allow one to see where modification of your character can be helpful.
Since basalt was once molten lava, it has the power of fire within. One drawn to basalt may need some fire energy in their life.
Chakra: Root

Courage + Vitality + Confidence
Carnelian is powerful stone for those who wish to build confidence, courage, passion, and power within themselves. It is a great help to gentle souls who wish for good things but have difficulty making them happen. Wearing carnelian can increase zest for living and the willingness and courage to take risks to reach one's goals.







Happiness + Joy + Prosperity
A “money stone” and powerfully manifested citrine brings abundance and wealth. Good for decision making, learning, teaching, creativity, and new beginnings. Citrine promotes a radiance from within culminating in a happy and joyful disposition.
Chakra: Solar plexus






Channeling + Grounding Higher Vibration
Copper is a strong conductor of energy and enhances the energies of any stone it is in contact with. It teaches balance and respect for the earth and its beings. It helps one find inspiration in the natural world and encourages learning through receptive observation




Strength + Love + Tranquility
Brings Strength, love, tranquility, and personal magnetism. Assists in mental attunement and memory enhancement and helps one to realize and release self-limiting thought processes while dissolving and transmuting negativity.
Chakra: Root





Amplifier + Harmony + Purification
Herkimers are manifestations of pure, solidified spiritual light. They emanate a high harmonious energy and also pick up and amplify the frequency of other stones. They purify your energy field and attune you to the white light of divine essence.
*Herkimers, when aligned, can connect and align group energies so your energies are connected even when physically apart.

Ambition + Expression + Calm
Spiritually, howlite is a stone of awareness and calm communication. It encourages emotional expression and spurs the ambition to reach one's goals while assisting in eliminating hesitation and fears.

Chakra: Crown




Intuition + Inspiration + Stability
Stabilizes the aura and enhances the flow of energy between the aura and the chakras. It helps in alleviating anxiety, insecurity, and stress while enhancing faith and reliance on oneself. it aids in overcoming depression and enhances the states of serenity and self-acceptance.

Chakra: Crown, Throat

Wisdom + Creativity + Serenity
A feel better stone that brings vitality, wisdom, endurance, and creative expression promoting natural gifts and skills.
Lapis aids in overcoming depression and enhances the states of serenity and self-acceptance.

Chakra: Brow, Third eye
Intuition + Love + Good fortune
A stone for “new beginnings”, Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength.  It soothes emotional instability and stress providing calmness.  Moonstone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters.
It stimulates the pineal gland and balances hormonal cycles, being excellent for PMS, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.  Moonstone is also beneficial to men in opening the emotional self.

Chakra: Sacral

Psychic Protection + Grounding + Cleanses Negativity
Protecting and sealing to the aura. It powerfully eliminates negative energies in oneself and one's environment.

Chakra: Root






Enhance Manifestations + Activates the Higher Will
Makes you feel more capable of creating and directing your life. It is ideal for directing one's purpose and direction in life. It can aid in aligning one's will with divine intent.
Chakra: Root, Solar Plexus






Perseverance + Insight + Spiritual Guidance
It enables one to make the best of a situation by clearing negative and self-defeating thoughts enabling you to find strength and willingness to shift your reality for the better.

Chakra: Root, Third Eye
*Supportive stone for those working with grief.








Happiness + Good fortune + Self confidence
It promotes vigor, steadfastness, and stamina.  Imparts self-confidence, helping you to be at ease in your surroundings.  Onyx banishes grief, enhances self-control and stimulates the power of wise decision-making. It encourages happiness and good fortune.

Chakra: Root







Confidence + Creative visions + Harmony
A nurturing, protective stone, Picture Jasper brings comfort and alleviates fear, stimulating not only the Base Chakra providing physical and spiritual energy for the body, but also activates the Third Eye Chakra enhancing visualization. It instills a sense of proportion and harmony, enlivening one’s creativity and initiative, and is a marvelous talisman for bringing hidden emotions to the surface for healing.Picture Jasper encourages initiative and is particularly helpful in all business pursuits. Wear or carry this stone to inspire confidence, creative vision and practical application in starting your own business.
Chakra: Brow

Inner Peace + Personal Power
Prehnite quiets restlessness, nervousness, and worry. It helps you stay in the present moment and avoid the unhealthy use of the imagination. It reminds you of your personal power while at the same time it invokes the use of that power in the service of love. It helps release identification with emotional wounds preventing little hurts from festering into emotional wounds.
Chakra: Solar Plexus, Heart 

Love + Calm + Heart
Brings calmness and clarity to the emotions and vibrates to the energy of unconditional love for yourself and others.
Chakra: Heart






Protection + Shield negativity + Manifest

Protects and shields against negative energies.
It is also known for healing, improving circulation and aids in manifesting what you desire, dream, and need to heal.





Protection + Reduce stress + Meditation

Sandalwood is known to stimulate clairvoyance and promote healing and protection. It helps calm the mind while reducing feelings of stress and restlessness. Sandalwood is said to deepen one's meditation practice.



Patience + Intuition + Balance

Increases perception and helps to regulate the emotional and intuitive energies while providing patience and perseverance.
Chakra: Heart, throat, brow, crown



Purpose + Lightness of heart + Self-esteem

A calming stone that helps increase self-esteem and creative expression. It cultivates detachment from the concerns and worries of everyday life. It can reduce stress and anxiety by allowing one to see one's reality from a higher more serene perspective.
Chakra: Brow, Throat


Leadership + Strength + Abundance of Blessings
Sunstone is a joyful stone. It restores life's sweetness and helps you to value and nurture yourself. It can lift dark moods and is said to be beneficial for Seasonal Affective Disorder. It encourages optimism and enthusiasm and helps overcome procrastination, helping you take action to live your life as you'd like to now. Sunstone helps you develop your own originality, encourages independence and alleviates fearfulness. It is said to bring good fortune and abundance.

Chakra: Sacral, Solar Plexus Chakra





Balance + Intuition + Courage
This is a “go for it” stone encouraging new beginnings, intuition, and courage. It provides a balance of the Ying/Yang energy encouraging balance, awareness and heightening intuition.

Chakra: Solar plexus, Sacral, Root









Success + Strength + Vitality
Promotes greater courage and confidence and revitalizes the Root Chakra to help ground your energy and integrate it. Associated with the element of Fire, it is a stimulating stone to help move and enhance energy, helps you to get over lethargy, speeds up slower metabolisms, increases sex drive, and provides protection while increasing inner power and success in your life. Tigers Eye is said to promote a positive attitude and to increase feelings of self-worth. It is believed to help you to discover and have confidence in your own abilities, helping to enhance your personal power and self-confidence.
Tigers Eye is also said to bring good luck and prosperity.

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root Chakra


Balance + Strength +Vitality
Blue Tigers Eye is a very calming crystal, it is said to release stress, to soothe anxiety and to help cool a quick temper.
All Tigers Eye crystals are stones of protection and were traditionally carried to protect against curses and ill wishes.
Chakra: Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root Chakra



Strength + Focused Will + Creativity

Tiger Iron brings not just physical strength but also emotional strength, allowing one to feel more confident and capable of creating one's reality. Helps to move beyond feeling "stuck". It inspires creative expression, especially in areas of performers such as music and acting.
*Tiger iron is a mix of Golden tiger eye, hematite, and red jasper so it will also resonate with the properties of those stones.
Purification + Protection

Black Tourmaline is revered as a premier talisman of protection, a psychic shield deflecting and dispelling negative energies, entities, or destructive forces. It guards against radiation and environmental pollutants, and is highly useful in purifying and neutralizing one’s own negative thoughts and internal conflicts, and turning them into positive, usable energy.
Chakra: Root



Love + Emotional Healing

A primary stone of the Heart Chakra, Pink Tourmaline links to the Crown Chakra infusing love and spirituality, encouraging compassion and gentleness during periods of growth and changes as humanity works toward enlightenment. Wearing Pink Tourmaline throughout the day helps release stress, worries, depression, and anxiety. It can be used in partnership with Black Tourmaline to diffuse obsessive behavior.
Chakra: Heart


Strength + Vitality + Wholeness
Green Tourmaline is the masculine, or yang counterpart to the feminine heart energies of Pink Tourmaline, and enhances courage and strength, stamina and vitality. Its spiritual vibrations harmonize with the energies of the Earth as it opens the Heart Chakra and stimulates a strong resonance with Divine Love.

Chakra: Heart



Protection + Clarity + Expression

A protective stone for travelers, keeping them and their belongings safe. It also offers mental and spiritual clarity to help you discover your path in life. Turquoise is also known for its aid in communication and expression.

Chakra: Throat